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  • I sure miss my friend Camp Cookie
  • Billy, Mom and Miss Ronda
  • Charlie Daniels, Ashton and me. True Patriot
  • Lake Travis High School Fiddler's Sooooo Darn GOOOOD! Go see 'em when you can
  • Drivin' thru Giddiings
  • Camp Cookie Chuckwagon
  • Loose Nut Chuck

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Good Mornin' Happy Sunday Y'all!

So glad to be getting ready for our new season startin' at the end of September.

During the summer we'll do a few new shows but for the most part they will be the best of largely with Dave, Cactus Kim and I from the good 'ole days. What fun we had.

We'll start in late September sometime with an updated feel and some wonderful additions (if I can talk my good friend Kipp to join mewink).

The Lord Jesus is so good and has reenergized the passion that He first placed within me when all this first began. If you love sharin' time with His, real folks who just love Jesus and love sharin' our journey, music, funny stories and of course messages, then join us each and every Sunday as we experience the full measure of what Jesus, and His Holy Spirit are opening our eyes too. I am all giddy inside just thinkin' about it!

Mucho Blessin's and thanks so much for sharin' your time with the Lord with us.heart

Your know I always have my coffee and my water and a large bag full of music, funnies and stories to share so check in and join the fun, In Jesus Name, and All God’s Children Said, Amen

Remember, He (Jesus) has Everything under control and even though there seems to be chaos goin' on... Everything is and will be better than we can think or imagine.

He told us in a book I read often, and He asked me to remind you. Amen.

We don't do Twitter or Fakebook aka Meta because....

Those are anti us (US is defined in Chuck's world as those of us that swell with pride as we stand when Ole Glory comes by because we recognize and remember the cost our Founders and Fathers paid to create and keep our United States of America a light on a Hill!)

Here at the Jesus Country Show, we will not tolerate their corruption or participate with them at all.

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In light of current events:

Let's Pray: We can't pray for peace with our hands clenched into fists.

Great Thoughts Worth Thinkin"

I just love these Quotes from good ole Abe.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

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