• Yep, Ridin' Mechanical Bulls is all part of the popular fun.
  • Jesus Country Show Leander 30th Anniversary. Morris Bonnett, Roland Waits and your truly havin' fun
  • Jesus Country Show in Round Rock. All ages havin' fun.
  • Gettin' ready to go the the Jesus Country Show
  • Sidekick Dave in new Liberty Hill Studio. I sure miss my good friend.
  • I sure miss my friend Camp Cookie
  • Sidekick Dave and me gettin' ready to do radio
  • Charlie Daniels, Ashton and me. True Patriot
  • Lake Travis High School Fiddler's Sooooo Darn GOOOOD! Go see 'em when you can
  • Drivin' thru Giddiings
  • Camp Cookie Chuckwagon
  • Loose Nut Chuck

If you don't hear the Jesus Country Show Stream along the ribbon above, please check back. Looks like we're having streaming issues. Western Williamson County is served by Spectrum and it has always been very inconsistent. So sad it's this way. :( but I'll continue to monitor it to keep it working as best I can.

Sunday's Show February 25th: Yep, Y'all Come join the fun.

2 hour get together at 10am, 2pm and 4pm each week and the rest of the time we play good 'ole country music, down home fun, and cowboy poems and stories. Come join the fun 7 days a week.

Not Connected to a regular group of believers? We all need to meet regularly with folks who share our common love for Jesus so we can encourage each other and grow in our relationship with Jesus together. Let's get it done in your area!

Contact me to get started. Upper right hand corner of this page.

Baptism: If you want to get baptized and want to understand why God asks us to do this, just holler and we'll get it done together.

Communion: we ALL need this foundational element regularly so, if you want to know why holler and I'll be glad to help.

We share Joy through all the good positive music and message we can in pure country style.

Because, we don't know any other way...

Faith, Family and Freedom are just some of what we hang our hat on.

Here's the link to this week's Paul Harvey message I talked about on Sunday.

Paul Harvey Link to "If I were the Devil" from 1965


It just amazes me each time I hear Mr. Harvey's prophetic  commentary....

"And now you know the rest of the story.... Good Day"