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  • I sure miss my friend Camp Cookie
  • Billy, Mom and Miss Ronda
  • Charlie Daniels, Ashton and me. True Patriot
  • Lake Travis High School Fiddler's Sooooo Darn GOOOOD! Go see 'em when you can
  • Drivin' thru Giddiings
  • Camp Cookie Chuckwagon
  • Loose Nut Chuck

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Goooood Mornin' and thankfully we all made it to today, our day of rest, and our day of celebration, and day of quiet, and a day we Christians set apart to allow our running in all different directions to take a break from all these distractions we experience in our fallen world to sit at the feet of Jesus.

I have it on good authority that our Lord is not up in heaven twiddling His thumbs going "oh my goodness, what am I going to do, my people are suffering and I just don’t know what I’m going to do....”

NO! He never says that!

He is Almighty God, The King of All Things and It is well with our souls. So…

Let’s sit back and enjoy some time together sharin’ some Music, Message and Stories from a less than perfect country boy, Chuckypoo, aka LooseNutChuck, a souled out Lover and Follower of Jesus.

My prayer is that it is a blessin’ to you.

I got my coffee and my water and a bag full of music and stories to share so let ‘s get started, In Jesus Name, and All God’s Children Said, Amen

Remember, He (Jesus) has Everything under control and even though there seems to be chaos goin' on... Everything is and will be ok.

He told us in a book I read often, and He told me to remind you. Amen.


I'll be rotating the streaming with the last few shows between 10am and 6pm each day.

I'll also to have each Sunday's current show up asap and shootin' for 10am on Sunday's.

Mucho Blessin's Amigo's



Don't forget, we still don't do Twitter (Thanks Elon Musk for making a difference, we appreciate it we pray for your success in taking over and bringing back free speech) or Fakebook (aka Meta, like that will fool us, NOT). They are anti us (that would be us Free Christian Texan/Americans) and here at the Jesus Country Show, we will not tolerate their corruption or participate with them at all.

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In light of current events:

Let's Pray: We can't pray for peace with our hands clenched into fists.

Great Thoughts Worth Thinkin"

I just love these Quotes from good ole Abe.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

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